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INNOV8 2000 Hospital Bed

The Innov8/2000 is both the standard ward bed and the base platform to which any accessory can be added, giving the hospital flexibility to customise the bed to their specific requirement.
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Inspiration Cot

Sidhil is please to introduce the Inspiration Junior Cot. Designed in conjunction with the leading UK paediatric specialists, this electrically operated variable height cot has established itself as the favoured choice of many UK paediatric hospital units; including Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. The Inspiration Cot has been designed to improve the environment for patients, carers and parents alike. It combines the established traditions of strength, durability and functionality of Sidhil products whilst retaining a ‘fun’ and modern appearance. Every Inspiration Cot that is manufactured by Sidhil is coated with BioCote®, a patented anti- microbial powder coating technology, which provides an extra level of defence against microbial contamination. Sidhil is please to introduce the Inspiration Junior Cot. Designed in conjunction with the leading UK paediatric specialists, this electrically operated variable height cot has established itself as the favoured choice of many UK paediatric hospital units; including Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. The Inspiration Cot has been designed to improve the environment for patients, carers
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INNOV8 LOW Hospital Bed

The Innov8 Low height bed has an exceptional low height and with its key features, can be utilised as an everyday acute ward bed without compromising on patient outcomes. Falls prevention is a major risk management consideration in hospitals today. Sidhil’s Innov8 Low acute hospital ward bed provides a fully functional solution, with the added benefit of an extremely low platform height at just 22.5cm. From this minimum level, the Innov8 Low bed rises to 71cm and incorporates a comprehensive range of electrically operated functions including auto contouring, cardiac chair function and auto regression to avoid surface pinching and patient sliding. With both Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg positioning, the Innov8 Low has a safe working load of up to 40 stone (255kg). Platform panels incorporate specially designed ridges for breathability, to simplify decontamination and to improve infection control. All beds in the Innov8 range are reliable and easy to maintain, incorporating superb ergonomics in terms of both manual handling and user comfort.
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Bladder Volume Measurement

*Noninvasively, quickly and accurately *Easy for staff to use, no sonographer required *Reduce the risk of infection, medical cost and the using of antibiotic *Prevent unnecessary catheterization, improve patient’s life quality and staff’s satisfaction. *Provide necessary proofs – accurate data to help the diagnosis of common urological conditions. Avoid unnecessary medical disputes *Monitor the bladder to reduce the risk of bladder excessive expansion, VUR, hydronephrosis, urinary system infection and kidney failure *Monitor the catheterization to reduce the risk of blind urethral catheterization.
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CE Marked Multi-parameter Patient Monitor

Infunix Multi-parameter Patient Monitor is a compact high quality multi-parameter patient monitor that has options of ECG (3/5 lead), Arrhythmia recognition, NIBP, SpO2, IBP, EtCO2, Temp and LAN. It is designed for use in acute medicine as well as in the pre-hospital environment. The Infunix patient monitor is powered by an internal battery that typically provides three hours monitoring from fully charged battery. The monitoring screen is a color LCD that shows all graphic and numeric patient information as well as status conditions and warning messages.
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CE Marked NIBP & SpO2 Monitor IP-1020

Infunix IP-1020 is SpO2 and NIBP 2-Parameter vital signs monitor. It is protected from low perfusion and moving artifact. IP-1020 has 136 hours of trending and large battery capacity. It provides a RS-232 connection and nurse call interface. IP-1020 is ideal for the health center or surgery where it can be easily mounted on a shelf. The battery is continuously recharged when the pulse oximeter is connected to AC power source.
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For all models of ECG, monitoring, etc.

Disposable and reusable electrodes
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Infinium O2 Sat Pulse Oximeter

One of the most powerful and convenient pulse oximeters on the market, the new O2 Sat from Infinium Medical brings you state-of-the-art portable patient monitoring technology at your finger tips. Using touch screen technology for ease of use and fast and convenient information sharing, you will be more than impressed with everything the O2 Sat pulse oximeter has to offer.
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The Omni III from Infinium Medical

An advanced, state-of-the-art Patient monitor, the Omni III from Infinium Medical is reliable, accurate, and cost-effective. Very few Patient monitors on the market today are put through the strict testing that the Omni III is. All of our products are tested and retested by experienced medical professionals in real-world scenarios. So, you can be sure that with an Omni III Patient monitor, you will never have to worry about the dependability of your medical monitor again.
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The Omni II Touch Screen

The Omni II touch screen medical monitor from Infinium Medical is made using today’s most advanced medical technologies and offered at prices that are affordable for any medical setting, from a neighborhood clinic to the ICU of a major hospital. The touch screen technology makes the Omni II medical monitor easy to use and intuitive to learn. Here at Infinium, we believe that your patients’ care comes first and foremost, which is why we design user-friendly medical monitors to ensure that your attention is where it needs to be 100% of the time. With easy to read displays, a touch screen interface, and multiple settings, you can give patients the individual care they need.
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The Omni Patient Monitor

The improved and updated version of the Omni patient monitor continues to provide exceptional patient care and monitoring for medical facilities worldwide. It has an upgradable monitor which can display up to eight waveforms that can show ECG, respiration, ST and arrhythmia, non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, and dual temperature. The new Omni patient monitor also features an optional end-tidal Co2 or invasive blood pressure monitor, and an optional standard three channel printer.
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V-Series, Two Drawer Procedure Cart with Locking Storage Compartment

Harloff's V-Series Carts are value-priced for use in a variety of hospital departments. This drawer configuration is often a popular choice for treatment, procedure and isolation applications.
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Universal Line Medication Cart with Locking Cassettes

Harloff’s Universal Line Medication Cart is an economical, functional, and high utility option with secure exchangeable cassettes to meet pharmacy and clinical medication distribution needs. Harloff offers a full line of medication carts compatible with various pharmacy medication distribution systems that will improve patient safety and reduce costs.
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Hepcidin 25 Elisa Kit

The DRG Hepcidin ELISA is an enzyme immunoassay for measurement of Hepcidin in serum.
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Exrracorporeal Shock Wave System (ESWL)

MULTIMED Classic is an Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) system for the treatment of urinary tract calculi. MULTIMED Classic is equipped with a specially designed motorized urological table with radiolucent top, which enables to make all endourological operations under fluoroscopy. All kind of urinary stones can be treated by using either U-Arm Fluoroscopy and/or computerized automatic ultrasonic localization robot arm; LITHOARM. The Hi-Tech ultrasonic localization system with computerized articulated robotic arm provides automatically localization of urinary stones including the low density and non-opaque stones. MULTIMED Classic includes dynamic patient recording and statistical reporting software which enables the user to keep all necessary data of the patient during the course of the treatment. MULTIMED Classic ESWL System provides cost effective and anesthesia free ambulatory treatment with excellent fragmentation.
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