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Sigowill Bio Meditech Limited specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of reliable and more accurate technology in the area of vital signs monitoring and cardiology diagnostics. The company has a wide product range including pulse oximeters, handheld capnographs, vital signs monitors, and diagnostic electrocardiograp ...
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Pulse Oximeter - ICU Level Accuracy

Model: iV-03
Pulse Oximeter - ICU Level Accuracy


The iV-03 is a reliable and portable pulse oximeter that monitors parameters such as SpO2, PI, PR and normal temperature and features a numerical display with plethysmograph display. It offers eight hours of continuous use and is highly accurate with reliable data even in low perfusion states, making it ideal for hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

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SIGOWILL Bio Meditech (Pulse Oximeter - ICU Level Accuracy)
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