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Founded in 1983, Advantech is a market leader delivering comprehensive high-performance computing systems for the medical market. All computing platforms are designed to satisfy demanding mission-critical goals in healthcare IT. They all match the performance of commercial PCs and are much more attractive because the ...
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Patient Care

Visitor Thermal Screening
Visitor Thermal Screening

Advantech's visitor thermal screening solution uses a thermographic AI detection camera to measure human body temperature and quickly find out individuals with abnormal temperature. The thermographic camera converts IR radiation into gray value and calculates the thermal information through measurement algorithm model. It quickly screens crowded visitors with an automatic alarm and the visitors screened with fever symptoms are then double confirmed by a professional thermometer.
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Bedside Information Terminal (BIT)

Model: Bedside Information Terminal (BIT)
Bedside Information Terminal (BIT)


The Bedside Information Terminal (BIT) provides the nurses and patients different kinds of services. Through the BIT, the patient information can be seen, and remarks and the name of the medical team are displayed on the main screen. It also offers request feedback function, announcement information, and card function.

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