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Pulse Wave Therapy Device
PhysioPRO II

The PhysioPRO II portable pulse wave therapy for pain management stimulates metabolism, enhances blood circulation, and accelerates the healing process. It allows damaged tissues to regenerate and recover, and can be controlled manually or remotely by app for phone or tablet.
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Evita V600

The Evita V600 ventilator combines high performance ventilation with an aesthetic design, enabling quick and efficient operation. Its brilliant user interface combined with up-to-date glass touch technology supports intuitive operation.
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Balloon Catheter
Balloon Catheter

The Balloon Catheter is a disposable, multiple lumen catheter attached to an inflatable balloon system. It is designed to provide tamponade for controlling hemorrhage from the uterus and vagina.
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Anesthesia Machine
GE Aisys Carestation

The GE Aisys Carestation anesthesia machine digitally controls and measures ventilation, vaporization, and gas delivery, and features highly advanced protocols that provide digital communication of comprehensive patient and system data. Featuring a modular design with upgradeable components, its large-panel displays are attached to a movable arm with 360 degree rotation, enabling displays to be re-positioned to keep vital signs and ventilation controls in view and in reach at all times.
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ECG Monitor
iE 10

The iE 10 is a mobile ECG monitor featuring a 7.0-inch LCD with capacitive touch screen that allows for selection of horizontal or vertical screen and a built-in rechargeable battery for up to four hours of continuous work. Other features include 12-lead simultaneous acquisition, up to 300 seconds of rhythm analysis for easier arrhythmia locating and onboard storage capacity of up to 1,500 files.
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Reusable Face Mask
7450 V2 Series Reusable Mask

The 7450 V2 series face mask is a reusable, multi-patient, multi-use mask for use with two-way non-rebreathing valves or other mask adapters for connection with flow measuring instruments used in lung function testing procedures with spontaneous breathing adults (>30 kg). The masks, valves, adapters and headgear are supplied clean, non-sterile for pulmonary function testing, exercise testing and respiratory research applications in hospitals and other clinical settings.
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Vein Illuminator

The NAVI-60 vein illuminator (vein finder) provides a real-time accurate image of the vasculature on the surface of the skin, which helps clinicians to verify the status of the vein and reduces the risk of venipuncture. It benefits hospitals by reducing healthcare costs, improving infection control, and increasing patient safety and satisfaction.
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Body Cooling System

The Kool-Kit contains three high-quality cooling blankets and wraps, and self-sealing hoses keep water from spilling when disconnecting the blankets. The random flow design of the blankets/wraps ensures therapy will be constantly delivered regardless of the patient.
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Ventilation System
Life2000 Ventilation System

The Life2000 Ventilation System features an innovative design that is adaptable across multiple settings, from the ICU and long-term care to the home. It assists patients in ICU settings to transition from complete bed rest to achieving early mobility milestones such as sitting, standing, and walking.
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ESG Machine
ELI 230

The ELI 230 Resting ECG offers complete functionality in a compact, portable device, making it a cost-effective ECG solution that offers accurate and reliable adult/pediatric ECG interpretation and full-size printouts. The color display provides real-time preview of three, eight or twelve leads of ECG data, as well as post-acquisition review of acquired ECG, while the VERITAS resting ECG interpretation algorithm uses gender-specific and adult and pediatric criteria to provide a silent second opinion for diagnostic interpretation.
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Respiratory Support System
Seattle PAP

The Seattle PAP non-invasive respiratory support system for newborns consisting of a bubble box, a rising pipe angled at 135 degrees, a pressure relief valve, and a breathing circuit can be used in combination with nasal prongs and mask. Designed to create continuous positive airway pressure and pressure oscillations, it supports spontaneous breathing by delivering a continuous, positive pressurized gas flow from a flow and oxygen source to the baby’s airways.
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Nasal Cannula
HI-Flow Star

The HI-Flow Star nasal cannula reduces the risk of skin lesions on the face and gives the patient maximum freedom when eating, drinking and talking. It offers a more comfortable alternative to non-invasive ventilation face masks, and its symmetrical design allows it to be attached either from the left or right side of the patient's bed.
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elisa 800 VIT

The elisa 800 VIT (Ventilator Integrated Tomography) is the world‘s first fully integrated EIT system in an intensive care ventilator with its non-invasive pulmonary monitoring visualizing ventilation-related complications. This allows for direct therapy at the intensive care ventilator, making ventilation transparent as well as directly controllable.
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Anesthesia Workstation
Leon Basic

The Leon Basic “personal anesthesia workstation” combines proven ergonomic design and hygienic concepts with top technology, thus providing optimum support for work, e.g. during the initiation and course of operations, for diagnostic purposes and other relevant hospital systems. Its rebreathing ventilation performance is up to the standard of an intensive ventilator and its patient system is designed for efficient preparation and most easy assembly.
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Ultrasound Fetal Monitor
Artemis 4

The Artemis 4 Doppler ultrasound fetal monitor features a 10.2-inch color TFT for digital display and waveform oscilloscope of twin heart rate (FHR) and uterine contraction pressure (TOCO) value. It is configured with a special HR self correlation reading algorithm to ensure correct and reliable FHR measurement.
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