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STI Test
Vivalytic Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Array

The Vivalytic Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) array is the broadest multiplex cartridge-based STI test on the market simultaneously detecting seven bacterial, two viral and one protozoan infection for a comprehensive sexual health profile. Designed to offer a complete sexual health profile with an aim of prevention and control, the Vivalytic STI array can be used to diagnose existing infections whilst any identifying co-infections.
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Creatinine/eGFR Meter
Nova Max Pro

The Nova Max Pro is an easy-to-use meter and creatinine biosensor that measures blood creatinine and calculates estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR), two important indicators of overall kidney function, from a tiny 1.2 microliter capillary fingerstick blood sample in just 30 seconds. Nova Max Pro Creatinine measuring technology is based on the Nova StatSensor Creatinine technology which has been used in point-of-care applications for over 15 years. Nova’s technology has been proven in numerous non-hospital settings, including pharmacies, community health centers, imaging centers, clinics, physician offices, and home testing.
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Multiplexed Molecular POC Diagnostic System

FLASH Dx is a multiplexed molecular point of care diagnostic system built on proprietary microarray-qPCR technology that delivers simple, fast and comprehensive results within one hour. The fully automated sample-to-answer system allows any inexperienced user to complete multiplexed molecular tests at any place with only 1 minute of hands-on time.
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12-Channel ECG

The CM1200B is a 12-channel ECG machine with 12×1, 6×2 + 1R, 3×4 + 3R that offers average template, automatic analysis, automatic diagnostic report and other printing modes. It features a 5.6 inch LCD screen for high resolution display of images that are easy to observe and an aluminum alloy internal frame with shockproof, anti-drop protection and anti-interference benefits.
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POC Test Reader

The NycoCard READER II is a small battery powered instrument, designed to measure all NycoCard products. It consists of two units: the instrument box, which is the operational and calculating unit, and the Reader pen, which detects the signal. It gives reliable results conveniently available when and where needed and allows patient consultations to be carried out with confidence.
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NT-proBNP Quantitative Antigen Test

The NT-proBNP-CHECK-1 quantitative antigen test is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) immunochromatographic rapid test. When used in combination with VEDALAB Easy reader+ instrument, it can detect and quantify amino terminal fragment of the Brain Natriuretic Peptide (NT-proBNP) to assess cardiac disorders such as congestive heart failure. The test can be performed on whole blood, serum or heparinized plasma samples.
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Blood Gas Analyzer
GEM Premier 5000

The GEM Premier 5000 blood gas testing system measures blood gases, pH, electrolytes, metabolites, CO-Oximetry and more, providing automated quality assurance with every whole blood sample. With next-generation Intelligent Quality Management (iQM2), featuring IntraSpect™ technology, potential errors are detected not only before and after, but also during sample analysis, along with real-time correction and documentation. iQM2 provides real-time assurance, the all-in-one, multi-use GEM PAK offers advanced simplicity and GEMweb Plus 500 Custom Connectivity enables comprehensive management of point-of-care testing.
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Diagnostic Resting ECG

The Cardio7 medical ECG captures, stores, analyzes and transmits data while simplifying workflow with its one button “AUTO” operation from acquisition to print-out & data record in three seconds. With a sampling rate of 8,000Hz per second, it is designed to improve clinical decision for cardiology with accurate ECG interpretation algorithm and full storage of 200 ECG data per five minutes.
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Neonatal Phototherapy Unit

The BT-450 neonatal phototherapy unit features a flexible blanket type for neonatal jaundice treatment and offers the ability to control the light intensity (high, low). It is indicated for use in the treatment of infants diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia, commonly known as neonatal jaundice, and can be used in a hospital or at home.
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Automatic Immunoassay Analyzer

PATHFAST is a fully automatic immunoassay analyzer, which combines the progressive chemiluminescence technology with the patented Magtration technology to process small patient samples with high accuracy and precision. Whole blood, plasma and serum are automatically identified and processed and lab quality results are generated in a simple three step process with no additional reagents, buffer solutions or accessories (e.g. capillaries, cuvettes) required. Its compact design and low weight makes PATHFAST the ideal analysis system in laboratories, hospitals and medical offices available wherever fast quantitative results (with full-scale lab quality) are required at the point of care.
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Avance CS²
Anesthesia Delivery System

The Avance CS² anesthesia delivery system features a moveable 15'' touch ventilator display screen with CARESCAPE inspired user interface for the unified Carestation user experience. ecoFLOW provides information that may help clinicians maintain their desired inspired oxygen concentration during low and minimum flow anesthesia.
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Infant Warmer
Giraffe Warmer

The Giraffe Warmer features an innovative recessed heater design that allows easy access to patients with more room in tightly spaced areas while keeping them warm. It features a readily accessible, easy to use, full-color control panel which vividly displays all patient information. Integrated options include T-piece or bag and mask resuscitation, integrated blender, SpO2 monitoring and in-bed scale.
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The CARESCAPE R860 ventilator replaces menus with workspace views, which has flattened the learning curve and unlocked ventilation capabilities by making them more accessible and easier to use. It features expert user tools and an innovative user interface that allows clinicians to navigate the past, present and future states of the ventilated patients.
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Data Management Software

The VSS-50 Data Management Software acquires, displays, prints, corrects, and manages the inspection data measured on the VaSera Series Sphygmomanometer and Sphygmograph. The VSS-50 system can be operated on up to 10 PCs and the data managed by one PC (Server) can be displayed on, or printed from other computers (Client).
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Telemetry Transmitter

The LX-8100 is a telemetry transmitter (ECG and RESP) which can be used for seven consecutive days with one AA battery. Its compact and flat design without protrusions considerably increases patient comfort, while its waterproof casing (IPX8) is ideal for daily cleaning.
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