Ventilation Equipment

Ventilation Equipment
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nCPAP (Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
EasyFlow nCPAP

The EasyFlow nCPAP is precisely tailored to the needs of premature and newborn infants for providing gentle, non-invasive ventilation. Available in various easily adjustable sizes with adjustable length and/or height, its self-adhesive forehead pads require no additional fixation and can be applied immediately after birth using Velcro fasteners and fixing straps.
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Oxygen Concentrator

The OC-5D oxygen concentrator provides oxygen flow of 1-5 LPM with 93%±3% purity. It maintains an operating temperature of 5°C-40°C, operation noise (dB) of<45dB (A) and power consumption of
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Portable Mainstream Capnograph
Radius PCG

Radius PCG portable real-time capnography with Bluetooth® connectivity connects wirelessly to the Root Patient Monitoring and Connectivity platform to provide seamless, tetherless mainstream capnography for patients of all ages. The device requires no routine calibration and minimal warm-up time, with fully accurate EtCO2 and respiration rate measurements and continuous EtCO2 waveforms displayed within 15 seconds.
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Heater Unit
Heater Unit HU 35

The Heater Unit HU 35 is a precise and reliable oxygenator water supply device for maintaining normothermia during Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS). The unit works ideally as a companion to Getinge’s Cardiohelp or Permanent Life Support (PLS) System.
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High Frequency Transport Ventilator
AirBorne TXP-2D

The AirBorne TXP-2D is the only high frequency transport ventilator on the market and offers flow interrupter capable of 600 breaths per minute. It facilitates both open and protective lung techniques while on transport and features a unique Phasitron patient interface that allows for patient’s synchrony and augmented gas exchange.
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Oxyll Dual

The double Oxyll Dual ball flowmeters are lightweight, easy to use, effective and accurate, and are recommended for use in oxygen therapy. They compensate the variations of pressure of the pipeline, maintain the pressure and supply the patient with the selected flow at atmospheric pressure through the mask, nasal catheter, nebulizer, humidifier, etc.
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Respiratory Gas Humidifier
AIRcon Gen2

The AIRcon Gen2 respiratory gas humidifier features an advanced Servo-Control system that enables more precise and efficient humidity control and maximum flexibility, which is essential for maintaining patient’s health and safety in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. It can be used in almost any application requiring reliable humidification, from the very low flows in infant ventilation to the very high flows in Nasal-High-Flow-O2-Therapy in adults.
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IPPB Device
ALPHA 301/302

The ALPHA 301/302 IPPB device improves ventilation through recruitment and are designed to administer oxygen via a central gas supply. The devices are perfectly suited to provide continued IPPB therapy for recruitment, secretion management, and drug nebulization in acute care as well as physiotherapy and general care.
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ICU Ventilator
elisa 500

The elisa 500 compact-class intensive care ventilator features top-shelf performance characteristics while offering a full therapeutic range of clinical ventilation options in turbine-driven devices. With a peak flow of up to 300 liters per minute, the high-performance, noise-optimized turbine guarantees sufficient flow capacities for mask ventilation.
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The active servo-controlled WETTY humidifier is designed to heat and hydrate respiratory gases, and allows the thermo hygrometric conditions settings of the delivered gas mixture to patient and parameter control to be shown on the dual display. WETTY features a double heating system (humidification chamber and heated wiring), enabling servo-control of set temperature and humidity to prevent circuit condensation build-up.
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Manual Resuscitator

The Rescu-6 manual resuscitator comes with a built in airway pressure gauge for monitoring airway and lung pressure and a CO2 measuring port for patient air circulation ratio measurement. It features a 40/60 cmH2O safety valve to release excessive pressure at fixed level along with an easy to attach PEEP valve and filter.
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High-Oxygen Mask

The Oxi.M1 High-Oxygen Mask features an ultra soft nose seal with sponge fitting that reduces leaks and pressure sores. The one-way valve between the mask and reservoir ensures reservoir oxygen concentration and minimizes CO2 retention.
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Aplus Endo Mask

The Aplus Endo Mask is specifically designed with a flexible port positioned in an ideal part of the mask to allow easier insertion of nasal or oral endoscope. Its revolutionary design enables simultaneous application of endoscopy during anesthesia or mechanical ventilation.
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CPR & Ventilator

The E1/E2/E3 is a cardiopulmonary resuscitator (CPR) and ventilator integrated into one device that provides compression and ventilation with multiple modes such as 15:2, 30:2, continuous compressions, continuous ventilation and manual breath. Its small size & compact design make it easy to carry anywhere any time while its quick installation & ready-to-use mode greatly saves rescue time.
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Critical Care Ventilator

NUMO is a critical care ventilator that provides positive pressure ventilatory support for patients suffering from respiratory failure. The ergonomically designed NUMO is a reliable, cost-effective ventilator that is sensitive to patient effort.
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