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Pelvi Muscle Trainer Kegel Exerciser

Model: XFT-0010
Pelvi Muscle Trainer Kegel Exerciser
Pelvi Muscle Trainer Kegel Exerciser
Pelvi Muscle Trainer Kegel Exerciser
Pelvi Muscle Trainer Kegel Exerciser


Pelvic Muscle Trainer XFT-0010 plus is a pneumatic type and biofeedback Kegel exerciser. It can help females safely and effectively do kegel exercise so as to help them regain stronger pelvic floor muscles. The strong pelvic floor muscles is necessary for female to get batter bladder control and higher quality of sexual life.

Features Specifications Certificates


Big screen, clear icon prompt;
Beeps voice prompt, voice turn on/off button;
“Train” mode and “Free” mode for choice;
Automatically pump function, no need manual pump;
Power management design, low battery warning;
Flexible Medical Grade Silicon Sensor for training in multiple positions (lying, sitting and standing)


Adopts pneumatic and biofeedback technology, guides females do Kegel exercise safely and effectively.
It can help females strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so as to avoid bladder leaks and incontinence, vagina relaxation and sexual dysfunction.
Real-time pressure value is accurately shown on the digital pressure gauge in mmHg.
No human voice prompt, but only “beep” prompt to guide the users when to contract and when to Relax, users no need to eyes on screen during exercises. If users don’t want the “beep” prompt, they can turn it off.
Built-in “Train” mode and “Free” mode, for “Train’ mode, user can do the Kegel exercise by following the prompt, and there will be pelvic muscle strength level show on the screen after the training completed; for “Free” mode, it is totally free, no time limit, no exercise mode limit. Request Information


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