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Hospital Infrastructure
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'Wood Look' Vinyl Coated Aluminum 6 Drawer Emergency Cart with Side Cabinet, Standard Package

Hospitals, Long Term Care facilities, Surgery Centers and Clinics can bring the warm appearance of wood to their treatment and procedure carts with Harloff’s WV line of vinyl-coated aluminum carts. This cart combines the aesthetics of wood with the long-term functionality of a Harloff metal cart.
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6 Drawer Workstation (Tall) with Key Lock, Deluxe Package

Sturdy, uni-body steel construction Features: *Key lock with two keys *30” of vertical drawer space *Cabinet and drawer design allows for customized drawer configurations *Ball-bearing full extension drawer slides *5” ball-bearing casters, all full swivel - one tracking, one with brake *Removable plastic top *Pre-drilled threaded holes for side mounted accessories *Full wrap-around bumper on separate steel frame *Durable, hard-baked powder coat finish *Twelve year warrantySpecialty Package Accessories Included: *Raised back rail system with two horizontal rails (68163) *Four aluminum side rails / push handles (68161) *6-Compartment tilt bin organizer (683805) *Tape and label dispenser (680415) *Catheter box, 18”, with rail clip (680413) *Large utility basket (680407) *6-Socket hospital grade outlet with 15-foot cord and cord wrap (680404) *Plastic waste container, 3 gallon, with bracket and rail clip (684801, 683801) *Large sharps container and bracket with rail clip (684802, 683801) *3-inch exchange trays (2) (681501) *6-inch exchange trays (2) (681502) *12-inch Adjustable drawer divider set (680503) Drawer Configuration: *(4) – 3” (7.6 cm) *(1) – 6” (15.2 cm) *(1) – 12” (30.5 cm) Internal Drawer Dimensions: *23” W x 17” D (58.4 cm W x 43.2 cm D) Overall Cart Dimensions: *41.5” H x 32” W x 22” D (105.4 cm H x 81.3 W x 55.9 D) *With Accessories: 55.9” H x 44”W x 22.1” D *Cart net weight: 171 lbs *Approximate shipping weight: 195 lbs
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Autopsy Table
STV 10/850

The STV 10/850 autopsy table is made completely of stainless steel and mounted onto a central support column with two inspection openings. It has an adjustable height from 770 to 1070 mm and features a three-piece, removable, perforated work top through which all unsanitary vapors are safely vacuumed downward.
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Backlit Medical Display

The CCL210 is a 21.3-inch, 2MP color LCD with DICOM calibration function. Key features include high contrast, a wide viewing angle provided by the IPS panel, and enhanced, stable luminance for a long period of time with a built-in luminance stabilizing circuit.
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Bariatric Ceiling Lift System
Maxi Sky 1000

The Maxi Sky 1000 bariatric ceiling lift system features a lift cassette which can be installed on a semi-permanent gantry or a permanent ceiling-mounted straight track. It also offers programmable lifting speed and spreader bar height regulation via a handheld control unit, brake, lowering system and cord-pull stopping device for safe and dignified transfers of non-ambulatory bariatric residents/patients
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Bariatric Scale

The 6854DHR is a bariatric scale engineered for weighing obese and unsteady patients and features a low-profile platform and stainless steel handrails with padded grips for patient assurance. It displays height, weight, and BMI simultaneously by simply raising the digital height rod while the patient is being weighed without any keys and operational sequences.
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Bariatric Stretcher
Titan Bariatric Stretcher

The Titan Bariatric Stretcher features a dual brake system, deep well storage area in the base and an ergonomic design to help caregivers provide a more meaningful level of care to patients. It has a 700 lbs (318 kg) weight capacity and a standard fifth wheel for improved mobility, along with fold-down siderails and pressure relief surfaces.
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BBP Decontamination Station
North BBP Decontamination Station

The North BBP Decontamination Station is a disposable, wall mounted BBP Kit that offers all the tools necessary for blood-borne pathogen decontamination, including instructions that can be used as a template when developing one’s own exposure control plan. The one-time use disposable kit is simple to assemble, clean with and dispose, and can quickly decontaminate potentially harmful blood-borne pathogens, such as HIV, H1N1, Norovirus, TB, and others.
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Bedside Monitor
SVM-7600 series

The SVM-7600 series of bedside monitors feature an intuitive touch screen with an onscreen guide and saves up to 120 hours of review data. Its interbed function provides vital information and alarm status of all monitors in the network to provide quick access for checking any patient.
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Bedside Terminal

The JAO18 bedside terminal featuring anti-bacterial plastics, an easy-clean design, and a front screen that is IP-65 rated, fully complies with the latest hygiene and safety standards. Designed specifically for use in a clinical environment - by patients as well as clinical staff - it offers multi-touch access to a host of tools and services all presented on a multi-touch screen 18.5-inch LED panel.
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Blanket & Fluid Warming Cabinets

The D-SERIES blanket & fluid warming cabinets are equipped with independent, digitally controlled heating chambers that offer actual temperature and set point displays. Standard features include “Easy Log” integrated data logger with removable USB, keyed door lock for single & upper chamber units, and simple plug and play data download that requires no additional software.
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Blanket/Fluid Warmer

The EC2120BL is a combination blanket/fluid warmer with separate controls to ensure that blankets and fluids are safely and accurately heated to recommended temperatures. It improves recovery time by efficiently warming patients from admission to discharge and reducing surgical site infections, making it suitable for busy emergency rooms, operating rooms and labor and deliver units.
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Bone Suppression Software
Imaging Software

The imaging software offers IHE dose reporting capabilities, as well as image quality and productivity enhancements for CR and DR systems. The software will be available for DRX systems, and Directview Classic, Elite, and Max CR systems.
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Cart Washer
CS 750

The CS 750 cart washer is optimized to clean and dry case carts, containers and basins as effectively and as fast as possible, ensuring that sterile processing departments stay ahead of demands. It has a full cycle, including wash, rinse and complete dry, in only six minutes and a tank wash system with rinse water recycle that reduces water use to about eight gallons per cycle.
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