Network Solutions/Communication Systems

Network Solutions/Communication Systems
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Real-Time Location System

The ESRP-500-Real-time location system (RTLS) enables immediate location tracking and status monitoring of medical equipment, staff, and patients, infection control and efficient OR management. Stylish and user-friendly, it runs on Intel 8th generation processor for high performance and reliability, helping those in the healthcare sector to improve patient experiences, reduce delays, and maintain high quality of care.
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The LEO-L02 is a BLT tag for Real-time Locating System that is small, thin, and light, with various fasteners for attaching to equipment, assets or personnel, and sends a proprietary signal using Bluetooth Low Energy communication technology that allows a specific location engine to track its position. It automatically enters “sleep mode” after the tag has stopped moving for more than 10 minutes, while its robust plastic housing allows it to be cleaned with various cleaning solutions and its IPS5 rating enables washing or even showering.
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Mobile Integration Solution

The iQOR mobile integration solution can be custom designed to integrate medical devices, medical imaging, clinical education, remote conference call as well as PACS / HIS health information system. It effectively integrates the operating room equipment, unrestricted by distance and time to achieve the best teaching and clinical records.
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Healthcare Surveillance Solution

MOBOTIX healthcare surveillance solutions offer sharp, clear images for better evidence, allow continuous interaction between patients and care providers, help reduce service cost, and enhance process efficiency when integrated with existing electrical systems in the healthcare industry. MOBOTIX solutions include the MOBOTIX Video Management System (VMS), Embedded Video Analytics (object counting/heatmap/behavioral detection), and Video Motion Detection (Activity Sensor).
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Medical Computer

The USM-110W is a multiple-use clinical gateway that is powered by a built-in Arm® Cortex®-A17 quad-core processor (1.6 GHz) and has an ultra-compact design for easy installation in confined spaces. It has 2 GB onboard memory and 16GB eMMC onboard expandable MicroSD (TF) storage, along with dual HDMI outputs.
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POC Management Solutions

The AegisPOC Point of Care Management Solutions is a web-based, open platform which connects point-of-care (POC) devices located in the hospital or community with the laboratory. It allows the laboratory to better manage and share data from POC devices on one flexible, scalable middleware.
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Tablet PC
Motion C5m

The Motion C5m rugged tablet PC allows the user to send secure up-to-the-minute patient information to the entire care team without ever leaving the patient’s side, simplifying patient care from the research lab to the OR, ambulance to the ER. The rugged, powerful and highly mobile tablet ensures zero downtime due to dust, water or disinfectants with MIL-STD-810G and IP54 protections and comes with integrated barcode scanner and 4G XLTE mobile broadband.
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Healthcare Printer

The ZD620-HC healthcare direct thermal and thermal transfer printer is designed specifically for healthcare with disinfectant-ready plastics, a sealed button interface and a healthcare-compliant power supply. It brings advanced industrial printing quality to a compact desktop printer, delivering the print speed, print quality and printer manageability you need to boost productivity, accuracy and quality of care.
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Healthcare Scanner

The DS4308-HC healthcare scanner brings next-generation scanning technology to workstations-on-wheels and more, allowing caregivers to scan virtually any 1D, 2D or PDF417 bar code, in any condition, printed on labels or displayed on a screen in the time it takes to press the trigger. It allows healthcare workers to choose to mix and match the decode feedback that is right for the moment: visual (green light/ red light), haptic (vibration) and an audible tone.
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Rapid Response Team Solution

Ascom’s Activate solutions for Rapid Response Teams (RRT) ensure that automated alerts are sent directly to RRT members and are also routed to other members if the user is busy, helping minimize the time needed to assemble hospitals’ emergency teams and their equipment. Each solution typically features: automated alert messaging directly to team members’ mobile devices, monitoring of response teams, pre-defined escalation chains, integration with equipment-locating and other software, and logging of all alert events.
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Inpatient Care Solution
Calm Inpatient Care

Ascom’s Calm Inpatient Care solution ensures that quiet, targeted alerts go directly to the assigned caregivers—saving time, and fostering calmer, more relaxing care surroundings. It helps improve workflow efficiency and contributes to better patient satisfaction by reducing discomfort, stress and confusion for patients and caregivers that can seriously impair productivity.
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CCU Noise Reduction Solution
Calm Critical Care

Ascom’s Calm Critical Care filtered noise reduction solutions for Critical Care Units (CCU) intelligently filter alerts from monitors and other bedside equipment to mobile CCU staff, ensuring they go to the right person at the right time. Each Calm Critical Care solution is unique; tailored to a hospital’s specific needs and resources, but typically incorporates an Ascom nurse call system, Ascom Unite and Digistat softwares and applications, and Ascom handsets.
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Network Architecture

Connect.One by Stago is a secure network architecture that allows laboratories to benefit from remote monitoring of their automated analysers by checking if they are operating correctly and diagnosing and analyzing any malfunctions as part of a proactive approach. Designed to meet international data privacy and security guidelines, Connect.One can track analyzer performance and send notifications in case of problems while downloading software improvements from a secure infrastructure.
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Healthcare Printer

The QLn320 healthcare printer offers a mobile specimen collection solution that improves patient safety by bringing specimen ID right to the bedside, allowing patient samples to be instantly identified – every time. Made from medical grade plastics, it can be safely cleaned by leading healthcare disinfectants and can withstand thousands of wipe downs after patient visits, thus reducing the risk of transmitting germs.
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Mobile Healthcare Computer

The MC40 handheld mobile computer for healthcare offers a choice of Android operating systems with Zebra's Mobility Extensions (Mx), enterprise-class durability, security and a comprehensive set of features, including advanced barcode scanning, push-to-talk and an integrated magnetic stripe reader. Featuring cool consumer-styling on the outside and pure industrial design on the inside, the fully-featured pocket-sized computer improves patient safety, patient experience and healthcare staff productivity.
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