Shenzhen Well.D Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Well.D Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of medical ultrasound products and solutions, such as color Doppler systems and ultrasonic diagnostic systems in trolley and palm size. Its products range also includes various accessories, such as adaptors, metallic cases, wrist packs, neck pack ...
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Ultrasound Therapeutic System

Model: WED-100
Ultrasound Therapeutic System


The WED-100 is a full digital ultrasound therapeutic system that dilates the local blood vessels, speeds up blood flow, enhances metabolism, reduces muscular tension & pain and increases ductility of connective tissues. It can be applied for cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, limb dyskinesia after stroke, and secondary treatment of soft tissue injury.

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Shenzhen Well.D Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. (Ultrasound Therapeutic System)
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