Heinen & Lowenstein manufactures and distributes medical devices in the areas of neonatology, anesthesia, sleep medicine and respiratory therapy. The company’s product range includes anesthesia workstations, home ventilators, intensive care ventilators, humidifiers, compressors and testing devices, monitoring devices ...
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MRI Anesthesia Workstation

Model: Leon MRI
MRI Anesthesia Workstation


The Leon MRI anesthesia workstation has been specially developed for use in the MRI area with field strengths of up to 40 millitesla and can be operated on 1.5 tesla and 3.0 tesla MRI systems. Different colored alarms and messages indicating the priority can be easily recognized due to LED lights, which are visible from all sides as well as outside the MR field.

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HEINEN & LOWENSTEIN GMBH (MRI Anesthesia Workstation)
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