M.I ONE Co., Ltd

M.I. One Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer leading medical products that designs, develops and sells equipment aimed at: Full HD Camera Solution, LED Lighting, Medical Endoscopy, Medical examination table & Chair, Nebulizer intended for Otolaryngologist (ENT), Pediatrics, Gynecology, Surgery, and Veterinary. Wit ...
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ENT Treatment Unit

Model: IU-3000 ENT Treatment Unit
ENT Treatment Unit


The IU-3000 ENT Treatment Unit is designed for human body engineering and optimized for medical examinations, enabling the user to monitor patient reactions intuitively by using buttons linked to alert sounds. A built-in fail-system is created in case of malfunctions, so it can still be employed for a stable examination.



POWER SOURCE: 220V AC, 50/60Hz


COMPRESSOR MOTOR: 0.9 ~ 2.0kg / cm2
SUCTION MOTOR: Max. Vacuum 680mmHG Max. pressure 7bar


DEVICE CONTROL SWITCH Water resistant Sound effect

OPTIONAL: Monitor with arm set
Side can
Sub table
Doctor Chair
Patient Chair

DIMENSION: W 1096 x D 737 x H 890 (1447)

WEIGHT: 110kg

STANDARD COMPONENT: Spray (3ea), Suction (2ea)
Post pole (max 2ea, Straight / Curved)
Medicine bottle (6ea)
Medicine bottle tray (option, 14ea)
Internal Instrument tray (Heating)
External Instrument tray heater, pen light, Outlet (6ea)
100mm Can (2ea)
83mm Can (12ea)
53mm Can (2ea) Request Information

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