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500 Series

The 500 Series endoscopes is equipped with the CMOS image sensor for high definition, sharp images with improved edge visibility and increased details. It features a waterjet with strong pressure that helps to wash off chyme and mucus, keeping the vision clean during routine and therapeutic examinations.
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Compression Therapy System

The Airpro is a clinically effective, non-invasive compression therapy system that is designed for the prevention of DVT, PE and secondary embolism. Widely applied to all types of major surgery, it can be used in the orthopedics, traumatology, urology and general surgery departments and is also suitable for alleviating limb edema, and lymphatic swelling.
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Vacuum Pump
Senator Vacuum Pump

The Senator Vacuum Pump system has a suction capacity of 30 liters per minute and includes a footswitch, trolley, two bottles, bottle holder and a robust housing made of synthetic material. Its maintenance-free “low friction” piston-cylinder system ensures low vibration, and almost silent operation with minimal wear, making it ideal for vacuum extraction, drainage, and endoscopy.
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C-Arm Table
C-Arm Table – 870

The pain management C-Arm table 870 is designed for image-guided procedures where stability, access, and precise, quiet, vibration-free positioning are essential. Its cantilevered low attenuation carbon-fiber tabletop, with a choice of contoured or rectangular design, accommodates portable or ceiling-suspended C-Arms.
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Surgical Light
TriLite LED S600 Series

The TriLite LED S600 Series surgical lights utilize the latest generation of LEDs and advanced optical design to offer IR-free cold light and low power consumption features. It offers a unique Auto Shadow Management function (ASM) which automatically detects and corrects the shadow and heat above the surgeon's head.
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Mobile Integration Solution

The iQOR mobile integration solution can be custom designed to integrate medical devices, medical imaging, clinical education, remote conference call as well as PACS / HIS health information system. It effectively integrates the operating room equipment, unrestricted by distance and time to achieve the best teaching and clinical records.
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Operating Table
NOVEL NOT-5600 Series

The NOVEL NOT-5600 Series multi-functional electric operating table is designed for appropriate patient positioning, making it easier for the surgical team, C-arm, etc., to access and ensuring the safety and comfort of patients. The table can be adjusted in various required positions via a hand control, foot control, or auxiliary control, providing convenience for easy operation and quick maintenance, as well as long-term reliability and durability.
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Surgical Display

The S551 is a 55-inch 8MP (3840×2160) resolution surgical color LED display featuring True Color Restore technology that allows the images to be reproduced most precisely. Its high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle technologies ensure image consistency for physicians in varying viewing positions.
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The HI VAC MX II sterilizer performs the sterilization process either by high pulsating vacuum air removal, using pressurized saturated steam or by low temperature steam sterilization plus formaldehyde as a sterilizer agent. It features a touch screen display, accuracy in process control and flexible settings for all variables, and can process a wide and assorted range of materials in high and low temperatures.
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Surgical Light

The Centra is a two-arm ceiling-mounted LED surgical light with a video camera that offers security, modulation and high performance. It offers visual and thermal comfort, consumes less energy, features lamps with increased life, and provides operational comfort during surgery.
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The ATMOS Scope is a flexible endoscope/stroboscope with a special new shaped ergonomic handle that allows for more comfortable holding and simplifies daily working routine. The flexible endoscope integrates the individual components, LED light source, camera and microphone into an all-in-one-solution.
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Endoscopy Module
ATMOS Endoscopy

The ATMOS Endoscopy module (optional with LED technology) offers the perfect ergonomics for minimal space requirements with its compact design and provides excellent light quality. It features a sophisticated ventilation system due to which the endoscopy module is passively cooled, thus eliminating annoying (fan) noise and vibration.
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ENT Diagnostics Workstation
ATMOS Diagnostic Cube

The ATMOS Diagnostic Cube is an ENT diagnostics PC workstation with a central patient database that combines all diagnostic systems and can be used on the network from any PC due to network integration diagnostic results. Its innovative operating concepts, such as touch screen control or automatic detection of probe removal (iHandle), automatically control the measuring process and save time.
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Trendelenburg System
Oasis Elite Trendelenburg System

The Oasis Elite Trendelenburg System is designed to overcome the challenges presented by the Trendelenburg position, primarily patient slippage, nerve injury and the formation of decubitus sores. It holds the patient securely in a lateral tilt and is suitable for all models of operating table, making it ideal for abdominal, gynecological and robotic-assisted surgery.
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Head Rest
Oasis Elite

The Oasis Elite supine head rest is designed for positioning the patient during eye surgery and other supine procedures. Ergonomically shaped to position the patient's head while effectively protecting against the onset of pressure sores, it is available for adults and adolescents.
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