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Imaging Table
ATS Trinity

The ATS Trinity imaging table features a C-arm compatible carbon fiber table top with a 550 pound lift capacity and is equipped with a motorized four-way floating top to maximize patient imaging access. It is mobile on four anti-static castors with a floor lock system to brace the table in place with unyielding stability.
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Surgery LED Light

The LUVIS L400 major surgery LED light system features 96 LEDs with a life span of 60,000 hours and a maximum light intensity of 160,000 LUX at 1 M. Available for single ceiling, dual ceiling and mobile installation, it has a color temperature of 3,600/4,200/4,800/5,400 and a head size of 73 cm.
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Vacuum Pump
Senator Vacuum Pump

The Senator Vacuum Pump system has a suction capacity of 30 liters per minute and includes a footswitch, trolley, two bottles, bottle holder and a robust housing made of synthetic material. Its maintenance-free “low friction” piston-cylinder system ensures low vibration, and almost silent operation with minimal wear, making it ideal for vacuum extraction, drainage, and endoscopy.
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Endoscopic Phantom
Model ATS 570

The Model ATS 570 multi-purpose & endoscopic phantom is an easy, comprehensive means of evaluating imaging systems over most clinical imaging frequencies (approximately 2-20 MHz). The phantom is designed with a combination of monofilament line targets for distance measurements and tissue mimicking target structures of varying sizes and contrasts.
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Surgical Table
TruSystem 7500 SensorLine

The TruSystem 7500 SensorLine surgical table offers intelligent functionality for increased safety and flexibility with configurable functions to adapt to all needs. Its features include overload protection, collision monitoring, increased adjustment speeds, iso-centric tilt, extended X-ray range and longitudient travel, among others.
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Suction Foot Pedal

The VacUp suction foot pedal is operated on the floor, preferably with the foot, providing intense vacuum from the first compression and features a sweep-vacuum gauge with scale indicator (bar, cmHg, kPa). It is ideal for use as a portable vacuum unit in healthcare facilities (surgery, gynecology, ENT), homes, ambulances, transportation and use in emergency situations.
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Suction Unit
V7 mx

The V7 mx high vacuum portable suction unit featuring an ABS ergonomically designed case is specifically intended for ambulance, transport and emergency field use. The oil-free and maintenance-free unit comes with a piston type suction pump, vacuum control knob, vacuum gauge, and a water-proof ON/OFF switch with guard.
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Suction Pump
EuroVac H-90

The EuroVac H-90 electric, high-vacuum and high-flow surgical suction pump is designed as suction devices for operation rooms where high-suction capability and rapid response is required. It features a monoblock chassis concept design in high-density polyethylene, making it scratch and impact resistant.
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Camera System
HSW Med-cam Endolux

The HSW Med-cam Endolux is a compact HD camera system with an integrated LED light source that makes it possible to take high-resolution images and archive them. Easy to use, it allows for image and video capture and has a long lifetime due to the use of LED technology.
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Surgical Operating Table

The HFease-400 is an electro-hydraulic surgical operating table that can be set up and positioned easily with a remote controller and has an interchangeable top made of shape memory material for providing great comfort. With its highly stable hydraulic system, the system can precisely and quietly meet universal surgical-positioning needs such as in neurology, ophthalmology, gynecology, urology, minimal invasive surgery, hand & arm surgeries, etc.
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Light Source
AlphaLED Universal

The AlphaLED Universal light source uses innovative LED (Light Emitting Diode) Technology that eliminates changing of the lamp module. Its life time of a minimum 25,000 hours reduces its service costs and it comes with a universal light cable adapter.
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Suction & Irrigation Pump
AlphaPurgator Plus II

The AlphaPurgator Plus II suction- and irrigation-pump combines the advantages of a vacuum with those of a peristaltic pump on the irrigation side, resulting in a reliable and high-performance unit which works almost completely silent. A special highlight is the contact-free acquisition of irrigation pressure by the roller pump that is automatically activated whenever the irrigation pressure in the tubing declines, enabling direct control by the irrigation instrument used and rendering a footswitch unnecessary.
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Camera System
AlphaNovoCam II USB

The AlphaNovoCam II USB single-chip camera system offers all the conveniences and functions of a high-end camera at minimum costs. Its integrated USB interface can be used for saving images and videos to avoid purchasing an additional medical recording system, while the images and videos are stored in standard quality directly on the USB drive.
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Surgical Monitor

The FM-D5801DV surgical monitor can show multiple screens at the same time on its large surface area, allowing the staff to view all critical operating room information at once on the large screen display monitor. It features 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution, high brightness, DICOM mode, and flush-front glass for easy cleaning.
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Surgical Display

The FM-E3203DG surgical display offers an impressive selection of signal input choices, including DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, 3G and 12G SDI, and vivid colors with a high brightness level and optical bonding for improved picture contrast. Its edge-to-edge protective front glass gives the monitor a slim, sleek appearance, and allows for easy cleaning of the front surface, while its protective guards on the bezel corners help reduce bumping injuries.
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