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Endometrial Ablation (GEA) Device
NovaSure V5

The new NovaSure V5 global endometrial ablation (GEA) device has an updated cervical seal, featuring EndoForm technology, designed to increase the sealing surface and accommodate a range of cervical canals and anatomical variability. The device’s AccuSheath markings are designed to improve the accuracy and confidence of seating and fundal placement. It is also equipped with SureClear technology, Hologic's unique fluid removal system, which provides integrated suction through the array by constant tissue contact while simultaneously removing ablation by products such as vapor and fluid from the uterus. The NovaSure V5 endometrial ablation system is not only outfitted to support the physician through comfort and control but is also specifically designed to cater to various cervical canal sizes.
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ICU Tower
ICU Tower

ICU Tower is composed of a stretch beam, dry area and wet area equipped with infusion pole, syringe pump trolley and platform for equipment and instruments. The dry area is equipped with oxygen, air, vacuum suction, force and weak electricity and internet communication port, while the medical lights are equipped in the middle of the stretch beam to facilitate surgery.
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Thoracoabdominal Stent Graft
E-nside TAAA

E-nside TAAA is the first PRE-CANNULATED, inner branch based, off-the-shelf solution for thoracoabdominal aneurysms accessible on the market and is designed to treat both elective and emergency cases with a consistent approach. The inner branch technology (iBevar) that E-nside is based on enables the treatment of varied anatomies with a consistent approach.
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Peripheral Stent Graft
E-ventus BX

E-ventus BX is a balloon-expandable peripheral stent graft indicated for the endovascular treatment of renal and pelvic arteries in cases such as ruptures, dissections and aneurysms. The combination of the microporous single-layer ePTFE and the cobalt chromium stent give the E-ventus BX stent graft high flexibility together with high radial strength. It features minimal recoil and foreshortening and enables secure fixation and positioning in the vessel.
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Surgical Sealant

BioGlue is a two-component surgical sealant composed of purified bovine serum albumin (BSA) and glutaraldehyde. It is indicated for use as an adjunct to standard methods of achieving hemostasis (such as sutures and staples) in adult patients in open surgical repair of large vessels (such as aorta, femoral, and carotid arteries).
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Tray Stand Attachment
Mayo Tray Attachment

The Mayo tray stand attachment gives unobstructed floor space in the OR and features stainless steel construction for longevity. The 5/8" mounting post fits into standard clark socket and is height adjustable up to 26".
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Ultrasound Tumor Therapeutic System

The JC200 focused ultrasound tumor therapeutic system is designed for non-invasive, extracorporeal ultrasound ablation treatment of tumors. It provides real-time ultrasound-guided therapy with digital quantitative analysis and one time treatment with no limitation by tumor size and shape.
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Atrium Retractor
Valve XS Atrium Retractor

The Valve XS Atrium Retractor is designed for minimally invasive heart valve surgery and features V-shaped retractor blades. It also features an additional single use lateral blade for mitral valve along with a clamping lever that locks the retractor blades securely.
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Drill Surgical Power Tool
AESCULAP Acculan 4

AESCULAP Acculan 4 is a battery-operated drill surgical power system for orthopedics, traumatology, cardiothoracic surgery and dermatology with a rounded organic shape for the grip area. The handle incorporates the battery that avoids a bulky compartment and its titanium housing makes it suitable for mechanical cleaning.
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High Flow Insufflator

The AESCULAP Flow 50 High Flow Insufflator, with a flow rate of 50 liters, is versatile and – thanks to its various indication modes – can be used in visceral surgery, bariatric surgery, pediatrics, endoscopically assisted cardiac surgery and endoscopic vein removal. Additionally, it offers an integrated smoke evacuation and an optional gas heating function.
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Smoke Evacuation System

The IES 3 smoke evacuation system eliminates 98.6 % of the smoke with evacuation 1 cm directly above the source. Its ULPA-15-filter removes 99.9995 % of the 0.1 μm particles in the operating room for a safe working environment.
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Surgical Blade Handle
Blade Handles for Surgical Blades

Feather offers various types of Blade Handles for Surgical Blades to meet diverse needs with each one scientifically designed for smooth loading, functional handling ease and perfect balance. The handles are made of stainless steel to assure long life service and the blade integrates into the handle to form a single instrument.
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Disposable Scalpel
Feather Disposable Scalpels

Feather Disposable Scalpels are the last word in precision and have been designed after utilizing feedback from surgeons, featuring the sharpest cutting edge available today. Their well-balanced construction, remarkable durability and in-the-package sterility further enhance total performance. The highly economical, throw-away scalpels provide unsurpassed quality and uniformity, with each scalpel sterile and ready for use as soon as it is removed from the pull-apart aluminum wrapper.
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Disposable Microtome Knives
Feather Disposable Microtome Knives

Feather Disposable Microtome Knives represent a great innovation in microtomy and consist of special disposable blades and holder. State-of-the-art Feather sharpening technology gives the blades unsurpassed cutting performance. The disposable blade design eliminates troublesome grinding for speedier sectioning of specimens and substantially higher operating efficiency.
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Feather Skin Scraper

Feather Skin Scraper is a spatula suitable for tissue collection for diagnosis of mycosis with a 1mm thickness that allows firm and easy tissue collection. The autoclavable spatula has a edge that is not sharpened and can be safely used without cutting skin.
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