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HIV Test

The EXACTO® PRO HIV Rapid Diagnostics Test is a third-generation immunochromatographic assay, allowing the qualitative detection of antibodies against HIV-1 (including subtype O) and HIV-2 in whole blood, serum or plasma. The test is available in a self-test or laboratory testing format and has been acknowledged in the list of diagnostic test kits for HIV by the Global Fund.
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Whole Blood Testing System
GEM Premier 5000

Instrumentation Laboratory’s GEM® Premier™ 5000 analyzer with integrated CO-Oximetry panel is a revolutionary analyzer for point-of-care and centralized laboratory testing, offering Arterial Blood Gas (ABG), Electrolytes, Glu, Lac, Hct, tHb, O2Hb, COHb, HHb, MetHb, sO2, tBili, from a single sample. Self-contained GEM PAK cartridges incorporate all components for patient testing and are maintenance-free. Enhanced Intelligent Quality Management 2 (iQM®2) on the GEM Premier 5000 system is an active quality process control program designed to provide continuous monitoring of the analytical process; before, during, and after each sample measurement with real-time, automatic error detection, automatic correction and automatic documentation of all corrective actions.
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Specimen Collection And Transport Kit
Single-use Superior Specimen Collection And Transport Kit

The single-use superior specimen collection and transport kit includes a universal transporting medium for the collection, preservation and transport of clinical specimens containing viruses (including SARS-Cov-2), chlamydiae, mycoplasmas or ureaplasmas from the collection site to the testing laboratory. The kit also contains flocked swabs which collect and release more secretions and cellular material than traditional swabs, thus improving efficiency in cell specimen collection and patient comfort.
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Real Time RT-PCR Test for Covid-19
Virella SARS-CoV-2

The Virella SARS-CoV-2 seqc real-time RT-PCR kit distributed by Linear Chemicals SLU is intended for the simultaneous detection of RNA of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the RNA of the Subgenus Sarbecoviruses with the results delivered in 75 minutes. 2 Controls (Extraction and Quality Control) help to prevent false negative results. The kit detects three SARS-CoV-2 targets in parallel (FAM channel: RdRP and S gene, Cy5 channel: E gene) and works as a four plex real time RT-PCR as compared to most other kits which are just duplex real time RT-PCRs. The test works with open PCR systems and has been tested on multiple PCR instruments from variety of manufacturers.
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Sampling Swabs
Oral and Nasal Sampling Swabs

Singuway’s oral and nasel sampling swabs are made using MIRACLEAN patent technology and nylon material that allow the virus samples to be adsorbed tightly around the surface and can be released quickly. Its innovative cell collection spatula tip is ergonomically designed for high concentration cell collection. Each swab includes one transport carrier with 10ml of DNA/RNA preservation solution.
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Rapid Assay

The CytoInspect assay utilizes DNA microarray technology for detection and species-specific identification of Mycoplasma species in biologics. With the results delivered in five hours, it offers a rapid and effective alternative to culture-based mycoplasma assays, and demonstrates superior sensitivity and specificity to traditional mycoplasma detection tests.
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Ebola Test

The Ebola eZYSCREEN® is a rapid test for the detection of Ebola virus (ZAIRE strain) that allows diagnosis of the disease within 15 minutes, using a few drops of serum/plasma or whole blood samples, and shows excellent specificity. The CE-marked test is very robust, user-friendly and suitable for laboratory or on-site/field testing, as it does not require sophisticated instrumentation or even electricity, and can be used by non-specialist staff.
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Immunoassay Analyzer
LiCA 500

The LiCA 500 immunoassay analyzer uses the new light induced chemiluminescence analysis (Lica) method and has a throughput of 500 tests per hour. It uses tip head sampling to avoid cross contamination and allows for loading samples, reagents and consumables without shutdown.
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CRP Test Kit
Epithod 616 CRP Test Kit

The newly-launched Epithod 616 CRP Test Kit is for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use to determine C-reactive protein (CRP) quantitatively in serum/plasma, or whole blood from a human. It provides information for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of inflammatory diseases and bring reliable and cost-effective results to professionals.
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Chemiluminescence Analyzer
iFlash 1800

The iFlash 1800 chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer featuring acridinium ester label technology offers a throughput of 180 tests per hour. With 50 sample positions, 20 refrigerated reagent positions and random reaction vessel loading design, it is suitable for different lab requirements.
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Biochemistry Analyzer
ChemWell-T iCS 4625

The ChemWell-T iCS 4625 is an automated, closed system PC-controlled biochemistry analyzer that is preprogrammed to run all i-chem reagents and includes a customized insulated labeled rack for easy identification and placement of reagents. It has a maximum throughput of up to 100 tests per hour and offers features such as fully-automated dilutions, pre-dilutions, dispensing single or multiple reagents, mixing and QC tracking software.
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Coagulation Analyzer
ECL 760

The ECL 760 from Erba Mannheim is a fully automated coagulation analyzer for small to mid-size laboratories. It features random access operation with STAT testing for clotting, immunologic and chromogenic assays. Capable of up to 60 PT tests per hour, the ECL 760 has 27 positions for sample tubes and 23 chilled positions for reagents, diluents and cleaning solutions. With 7 measuring channels and 8 incubation positions the ECL 760 can perform a wide range of assays including; PT, APTT, TT, Fibrinogen, Factor Assays, D-Dimer, ATIII, Protein C, Protein S and Lupus Anticoagulant.
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Immunoassay and Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
The Atellica Solution

The Atellica® Solution immunoassay and clinical chemistry analyzer features bi-directional magnetic sample-transport technology and is scalable up to 10 components. A single immunoassay analyzer processes more than 400 tests per hour and over 300 customizable configurations can be used as a standalone system or connected to automation.
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Autoantibody Biomarker

The Anti-PLA2R ELISA and the Anti-PLA2R ChLIA provide quantitative in vitro determination of antibodies against phospholipase A2 receptors. Anti-PLA2R and the supplementary marker anti-THSD7A can be detected in parallel using indirect immunofluorescence tests based on antigen-expressing cells. Anti-PLA2R and anti-THS7DA antibodies are highly specific markers for primary membranous nephropathy. Their analysis supports differential diagnosis, disease monitoring, and risk assessment.
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Chemistry Analyzer

The respons®910 fully automated system is designed to make routine lab operations more efficient while streamlining workflow. Features include a unique container system for liquid-stable reagents, reduced costs, low maintenance, and a throughput of up to 30 samples in one run.
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