Erba Mannheim is an IVD solutions provider focused on improving health outcomes in developing nations. Originally founded in India by Suresh Vazirani and now with operations in Europe and the US, Erba provides hospitals and labs with a full range of diagnostic instruments, reagents and support services to more than 10 ...
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ELISA Microplate Washer

Model: Lisa Wash
ELISA Microplate Washer


The Lisa Wash is a 96 well plate ELISA microplate washer which allows the user to program up to 64 different wash protocols for customizable washing. It features 10 programs for presetting different plate configurations, easily removable 8 or 12-way manifolds and a backlit LCD touchscreen with a 128 x 64 pixels resolution.

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ERBA MANNHEIM (ELISA Microplate Washer)
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