Awareness Technology, Inc.

Awareness Technology, Inc. provides clinical laboratory instrumentation, reagents and assays for small-to-medium-volume laboratories. Apart from instrumentation for the analysis of ELISA, CLIA, biochemistry assays, and electrolytes, the company offers a line of ELISA reagents & allergy testing solutions, as well as custo ...
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ELISA & Chemiluminescence Analyzer

Model: ChemWell FUSION 4800
ELISA & Chemiluminescence  Analyzer


The ChemWell FUSION 4800 automatic ELISA and Chemiluminescence analyzer features a patented dual-function reader which automatically switches between absorbance and chemiluminescence reading. Microwell CLIA and ELISA assays occur on the same device and the same plate with the reactions taking place in standard plastic microwells/strips.

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Awareness Technology, Inc. (ELISA & Chemiluminescence Analyzer)
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