General Lab Equipment

General Lab Equipment
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Cell Culture Analyzer
Stat Profile Prime Cell Culture Analyzer

The Stat Profile Prime cell culture analyzer combines the revolutionary micro-electronics of the consumer world with Nova Biomedical’s innovative MicroSensor Card technology for a smaller, faster, less expensive analyzer. Stat Profile Prime is always ready to deliver a nine-test profile in just 60 seconds with calibration and QC performed automatically to maintain constant readiness.
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Laboratory Automation Solution

Thermo Scientific TCAutomation Laboratory Automation Solutions are expandable and scalable, fully-featured laboratory automation solutions that allow labor-intensive tasks in pre- and post-analytical phases of sample management to be automated in different combinations. TCAutomation systems throughput can range from 250 up to 1,000 tubes per hour. Because solutions are modular, they are easy to expand. Depending on the floor plan and efficiency requirements, the TCAutomation systems can be expanded step-by-step.
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Benchtop Centrifuge & Vortexer

ExiSpin is a compact benchtop centrifuge combined with a powerful vortexer for protocols requiring repetitive vortexing and spin-down that can be set up to be automatically done with the installed program. Furthermore, up to four 8-strip tubes can be held to not only save time, but also mix the solutions for reproducible results. It can be used for Minipreps, to resuspend oligos, set up PCR reactions, or any task that requires vortexing in micro test tube or 0.2 ml PCR tubes.
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Digital Cytology Platform
Genius Digital Diagnostics

Genius Digital Diagnostics is the first CE-marked digital cytology platform to combine a new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm with advanced volumetric imaging technology to help cytotechnologists and pathologists identify pre-cancerous lesions and cancer cells in women. The system can rapidly analyze all cells on a ThinPrep Pap test digital image, narrowing tens of thousands of cells down to an AI-generated gallery of the most diagnostically relevant images. This provides healthcare providers with the critical information they need to guide earlier detection and better treatment decisions for the patients they serve.
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Nucleic Acid Extraction System
Natch 48

The Natch 48 nucleic acid extraction system uses advanced magnetic beads technology and has an extremely simple workflow. It has a sample type volume of 1-96 tests/batch, extraction time of 10-60 minutes per batch and a working volume of 30-2000uL.
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Auto Nucleic Acid Extraction System
Natch CS2

The Natch CS2 fully automated nucleic acid extraction system offers an extremely simple workflow along with an excellent sample addition function. It offers efficient anti-contamination and super magnetic, effective adsorption, and comes with easy-to-use software.
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Medical Washer-Disinfector

The BLUNIX 60 medical washer-disinfector is designed for optimal cleaning efficiency with efficiency-maximized inside of the chamber. Featuring a compact size for easy installation, its LCD panel & touch pad make the device easy to operate.
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Vertical Autoclaves
60L-150L Top-Loading Autoclaves

The 60L-150L range of vertical autoclaves are among the most compact full-size units on the market today and feature large capacities, low loading heights, small footprints, and low lifetime operating costs. Priorclave’s top loading autoclaves can accommodate the tallest flasks, fermentors, and bioreactors at one-third the price of a comparable front-loading autoclave.
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Front-Loading Autoclaves
100L-320L Front-Loading Autoclaves

The 100L-320L range of front-loading autoclaves with a traditional cylindrical vessel is better suited to high pressure micro-environments, requires less reinforcement and insulation, and suffers less wear and tear over the life of the autoclave. The front-loading sterilizers feature the programmable Tactrol Control System that allows for automatic steam sterilization with precise custom cycles and one-touch simplicity.
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pHOx Analyzer
BioProfile pHOx Analyzer

BioProfile pHOx is the first analyzer designed specifically to provide rapid, accurate measurement of acid base and respiratory parameters in cell culture and fermentation samples. This compact, easy-to-use analyzer measures pH, PCO2, and PO2 in the appropriate ranges for cell culture and fermentation processes, and provides calculated values for total CO2, bicarbonate, CO2 saturation, and air saturation (dissolved oxygen).
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Specimen Radiography System

The XPERT 80 specimen radiography system provides unsurpassed image quality, ease of use, and efficiency for imaging routine gross specimens in the pathology lab. Its large 25 cm x 30 cm detector provides high-resolution X-ray images for pathology specimens of all sizes while its integrated HD camera automatically creates optical images of the specimen for use as a reference and to upload to the LIS.
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Specimen Radiography System

The XPERT 20 is the most compact, most powerful, easy-to-use core specimen radiography system for the biopsy suite and captures the most cores in a single image. By reducing the need for multiple image capture, it decreases the time the patient spends under compression. For added convenience, the XPERT 20 system is available for benchtop installations or on a mobile cart, requires no specialized specimen container, and can accommodate most commonly available containers.
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3D Specimen Tomosynthesis System

The MOZART Supra 3D specimen tomosynthesis system features a large 25 cm x 30 cm detector to provide 3D imaging for breast surgery and pathology specimens of all sizes. It features the proprietary Image Blender, an essential tool that helps reduce turnaround time for the patient specimen and combines X-ray and optical images for the most comprehensive view of the specimen's anatomy.
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Upright Laboratory Freezer

The HLF125-GX Upright Laboratory Freezer is a professional, medical-grade -30°C freezer designed for the unique needs of critical healthcare applications such as the storage of samples, reagents, controls, and frozen vaccines. Powered by OptiCool™ technology, it provides improved performance and user experience through energy efficiency, low noise levels, and stable storage environments to safeguard valuable patient samples, frozen vaccines, and more.
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Dry Bath

ThermoQ is Bioer’s breakthrough dry bath with a cute appearance, replaceable module and hot-lid cover. It is equipped with a different base and powerful PC software that allows experiments to be finished faster and more conveniently.
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