Hans Rudolph

Manufactures respiratory valves and respiratory products for Pulmonary Function Testing, Stress/Exercise Testing, Respiratory Care, Sports Medicine, Metabolic Measurements, Human Performance Laboratories, Physiological Human/Animal Research, Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV), Obstructive Sleep Apnea Therapy (CPAP), and Flo ...
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Inflatable Balloon-Type Valve

Model: 9300 series Inspiratory Occlusion Pressure Valve
Inflatable Balloon-Type Valve


The 9300 series Inflatable Balloon valve configuration includes a two-way shut-off directional control valve integrated on the inhalation port of a two-way non-rebreathing valve and a common port for the patient connection. This valve configuration is assembled to assist in performing ventilatory response studies, commonly referred to as P 100 measurement.



•Proprietary inflatable silicone rubber balloon assembly when inflated occludes and when deflated opens the valve flow bore
• Valve housing machined in an opaque thermoplastic material so the balloon actuation is not detected by the subject being tested
• Sampling Port installed on common port is standard
• Minimal valve breathing resistance to flow
• Minimal valve rebreathing dead space volume
• Inflation and deflation response times of the balloon actuation are under 120 ms.
• Optional size two-way non-rebreathing valves available
• Optional size common port diameters available
• 22mm & 15mm medical tapered ports meet ISO 5356-1:2015
• Inflatable Balloon valve controller with external signal input actuation capability
• Valve Support – Head Support type available

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Hans Rudolph (Inflatable Balloon-Type Valve)
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