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Manufactures neonatal and premature infant equipment, obsterics and gynaecological equipment and nursing equipment
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Model: Neo Cot


The Neo Cot bassinet is designed to bring mother and baby closer together with the lowest position of the HL stand at 62cm enabling the cot to be adjusted to bedside height in order to promote eye contact between mother and baby. A variety of peripheral devices can be attached to the IV Pole (optional), which enables the staff to operate the devices immediately in a large work space.



• Tilting angle: 0-12° (freely adjustable)
• Load capacity: 10kg (on mattress)
• Dimensions: W960 x D450 x H620-820mm
• Weight Approx.: 27kg
• Caster: 10cm in diameter, double-wheel (4 wheel stoppers) Request Information

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Atom Medical (Bassinet)
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