Cormay develops and manufactures diagnostic reagents and laboratory equipment, including hematology analyzers and clinical chemistry analyzers for performing routine and sophisticated immunochemistry tests to diagnose, treat and monitor patients.
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3-DIFF Hematology Analyzer

Model: MYTHIC 18
3-DIFF Hematology Analyzer


The MYTHIC 18 is a compact and simplistic 3-DIFF hematology analyzer with 20 parameters results. Its superior technology ensures complete reliability and unmatchable cost savings, making it perfect for doctors’ offices, and small and medium laboratories.

Features Specifications


• Small Footprint
• Unstoppable Reliability
• Uncommon Cost-Effectiveness
• Easy to Use, Intuitive Software


• System: Open tube
• Throughput: 60 samples/hour
• Parameters: 20 parameters
• Sample Volume: 9,8µl
• Modes: Whole blood
• Dimensions: 250 mm x 340 mm x 350 mm, 9 kg
• Reagents: Only three reagents: Diluent, Cleaner, Lyse Request Information

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CORMAY (3-DIFF Hematology Analyzer)
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