Crony Instruments S.r.l. develops and manufactures automatic and semi-automatic analyzers marketed directly or through its sales network. It also develops and produces analyzers on an OEM basis for multinational companies in the fields of clinical chemistry, immunology and coagulation.
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Automatic Photometer

Model: JOLLY 103
Automatic Photometer


JOLLY 103 is a smartly conceived photometer with sophisticated software for measurement in the Peltier controlled micro flow-cell. Its new cuvette holder enables measurement in both micro and in macro 10 mm square plastic or quartz cuvettes. It also enables measurement in an individual disposable cuvette, which opens the way to new method applications.



• Automatic wavelength selection with nine narrow band interference filters
• Stray light: Less than 0.'17" Transmission
• Photometric range: 0 to 2.500 Absorbance
• Detector: Solid state
• Linearity: Better than 3% at 2.0004
• Resolution: 0.0005A
• DISPLAY: LCD graphic monitor - 125mm x 70 mm
• Light source: Halogen lamp - 6 Volt, 10 Watt
• Dimensions: 40 x 29.5x 31 cm
• Power Requirements: 2201110V- 50/60Hz
• Net weight: 9Kg. Request Information

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