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GeTein BioMedical Inc. is an in vitro diagnostic company specializing in rapid point-of-care tests, molecular diagnostic kits, diagnostic raw materials, clinical chemistry, and analytical medical devices. Its product line consists of cardiovascular, cancer, liver, renal, inflammatory, and specialty assays among many other ...
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CysC Test

Model: CysC Fast Test Kit
CysC Test


The CysC Fast Test Kit (immunofluorescence assay) uses the fluorescent conjugated anti-human CysC monoclonal antibodies to quantitatively determine the concentrations of CysC in human plasma, serum or whole blood specimens. The fluorescence intensity of the test line increases proportionally to the amount of CysC in a sample and the test is intended for use in Point-of Care and laboratory settings.

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Getein Biotechnology (CysC Test)
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