Polymedco is a manufacturer and distributor for clinical laboratory supplies, including diagnostic test kits and devices for non-invasive fecal immunochemical testing and bladder cancer monitoring. The company’s products include OC-Auto FIT, OC-Light S FIT, OC-Auto Sensor Diana, OC-Auto Micro 80, Epi proColon, SEDITE ...
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Immunoassay Analyzer

Immunoassay Analyzer


The PATHFAST is an easy to use, bench-top chemiluminescent immunoassay analyzer that provides affordable, core-lab quality results from whole blood samples in under 17 minutes. With the flexibility to run up to six tests simultaneously and results that are unaffected by hemolysis, it ensures accurate results are available to the caregiver quickly.

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POLYMEDCO (Immunoassay Analyzer)
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