Ambulanc Technology

Ambulanc is a medical device manufacturer that focuses on the areas of Emergency, Sedation and Breathing Support. It has developed five product lines namely emergency ventilators, N2O conscious sedation systems, neonatal CPAP, emergency care and gynecology products.
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Anesthesia Laryngoscope

Model: Anesthesia Laryngoscope
Anesthesia Laryngoscope


The Anesthesia laryngoscope features a shatterproof display screen, an anti-bacterial handle design and disposable lens with sterilized packaging to improve safety and prevent cross infection. The lens has a unique fog-proof design, which saves time for emergency intubation without preheating and is made of 316 medical stainless steel that can be used more than 1,000 times.

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Ambulanc Technology (Anesthesia Laryngoscope)
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