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Nova is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of whole blood, point-of-care and critical care analyzers. Nova’s biosensor technology is incorporated into products ranging from handheld meters for self- and point-of-care testing to critical care whole blood analyzers designed for rapid measurement of ove ...
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Glucose/Ketone Meter

Model: StatStrip Xpress2 Glucose/Ketone Meter
Glucose/Ketone Meter


The StatStrip Xpress2 Glucose/Ketone Meter is the world’s most extensively studied and proven glucose test. It has been proven to be safe and effective for use throughout all hospital and professional healthcare settings including critical care. StatStrip Xpress2 is designed for applications that do not need data interfacing and connectivity, and retains all of the analytical performance features of the StatStrip Glucose/Ketone Connectivity Meter.



• Weight: 2.77 oz (78 g)
• Size: 3.9 in x 2.4 in x 0.9 in; (98 mm x 61 mm x 22.9 mm)

Data Storage:
• Patient & QC Tests: 400 tests total (FIFO)

• Data Transfer: Strip Port Connection to USB
• Data Program: Nova Microsoft-Excel based data transfer software

Battery Information:
• Type: 3V Li Button Battery
• Features: Replaceable
• Life: Minimum 600 tests

Additional Features:
• LCD color display
• Large numeric display (30 mm)
• Traditional QC with target values assigned to QC materials
• Units of measure based on meter ordered (mg/dl or mmol/L models)
• Automatic shut-off when not in use
• Automatic sample detection and analysis start
• Automatic sample counter with date/time stamp for data tracking Request Information

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Nova Biomedical (Glucose/Ketone Meter)
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