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Turkey had a population of around 80.1 million in 2014. The Ministry of Health (MoH) is the largest provider of healthcare and the sole public provider of preventive services in the country. Nationally, MoH is responsible for drafting and implementing health policy and health services in the region. All targets and objectives for improving capacity, quality and distribution of health services are set by the MoH, which is also responsible for bringing in sustainable, as well the latest infrastructure and technology. The MoH is also responsible for ensuring accessibility, safety, efficacy and the effective use of medical devices in Turkey.

Turkey’s healthcare system has witnessed a huge transformation since 2002, with the MoH encouraging investments by the private sector in healthcare and renovating or rebuilding a majority of the 900 hospitals that it operates. The Health Transformation Program implemented by the MoH has led to social security reforms, which have improved universal health coverage for the country’s citizens. In FY 2014, around USD 9 billion was allocated to the MoH’s budget, while per capita health spending increased from $330 to $780.

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Turkey’s medical device market has been growing gradually and is ranked as the largest in the Middle East and Africa, and also figures among the top 20 largest in the world in value terms. Over the period 2008-2013, the market is estimated to have grown at a CAGR of 2.4% to US$2,421.6mn, or US$32 per capita, in 2013, driven by sustained public health expenditure, and a growing older population requiring sophisticated healthcare. In Turkey, family physicians, and private and public hospitals purchase medical equipment and devices, or lease them from the private sector through a competitive tendering process.

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